Alan Redpath's statement "A church is no stronger than its homes, for a church is made up of families", should cause each of us to look at our own family, but also the families that are in our church. It is my goal in starting this additional ministry with AFA to strengthen and bless the pastor and his family, with helpful information and encouraging words. With so much material available, I hope this web site will streamline that information and give you what you will consider to be vital to your life and your ministry.

American Family Association President, Tim Wildmon, has assigned me the task of helping pastors to be involved in our culture conflict and to make Romans 12:1-2 a reality. "…do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…"

After pastoring for thirty-seven (37) years, I know for you to be effective as a pastor, that your own spiritual, family, and moral life must be strong. I hope to come alone side you and be an instrument of God to help strengthen you in your life and your ministry. It is my prayer that through the "Repairing the Foundations" web site and through the ministry of AFA/AFR this will be accomplished.  



Jan & Bert Harper